Improve Your Restaurant's Energy Efficiency by Setting Up a Restaurant on an Energy Star Chart

Improving energy efficient restaurant practices can result in smoother operations, streamlined operations, reduced expenses and increased profitability. An energy efficient restaurant business can cut energy usage and costs by as much as 30% and much of this can be done by adding energy efficient restaurant equipment to the mix. There are many types of restaurant equipment that can be added to a business to improve its energy consumption. Some equipment can also be used to add value to the business by improving the comfort level for customers while they dine. Some businesses can be quite literally cost tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade by upgrading to energy efficient appliances and other equipment. There are also many ways to go about starting a new energy efficient restaurant that won't affect your bottom line.

One of the first energy saving tips of the commercial energy management companyfor restaurants is to learn about energy star rated appliances. In an effort to promote responsible conservation, the government and non-profit groups offer energy star ratings to many different products and services including appliances. When you are buying equipment for your food service operation, you need to make sure that it is eligible for an energy star rating. Just because an item is rated on a star doesn't mean that it is going to provide exceptional energy efficiency or lower your energy bills.

Many new and high-efficiency appliances can be purchased at an affordable price, even if the unit may not be approved for an energy star rating. Energy Star qualified appliances are designed to use energy more efficiently than standard, low-efficiency appliances. This can translate into substantial savings for your restaurant. New and high-efficiency stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators generally use 20% less energy than standard units.

The next step to reducing restaurant energy usage is to update your bill. Many restaurants only pay attention to the electrical bill, ignoring other aspects of their operation. As an example, many restaurants do not realize that many commercial ovens burn approximately five hundred calories per hour. Even if you do not purchase and install an energy efficient oven you should be aware of what your oven is consuming. In this case, you should be reviewing your electrical consumption to make necessary changes. There is aenergy management company who can help you on this.

Other appliances can also be upgraded to energy efficient models. For example, dishwashers tend to use a tremendous amount of electricity. New, high-efficiency dishwashers consume one hundred twenty-five percent less water and electricity than low-efficiency ones. In addition to energy efficient dishwashers, most refrigerators will be high-efficiency, but some manufacturers have begun to produce energy star-certified refrigerator and freezers. Freezers generally only last one to two years before they need to be replaced. In the long run, this will significantly reduce your costs associated with energy usage.

Finally, consider purchasing energy efficient lighting, appliances and other items in order to start saving money and reducing energy costs. Today, it is not uncommon to see restaurants replacing light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps. Similarly, restaurants can replace their regular kerosene lamps with energy efficient light bulbs. After installing these new, energy-efficient lamps in the kitchen, you should notice a noticeable reduction in the amount of light that seeps out of the open windows. See further information at

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